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Nearshore Marketing Book

In the pages of the brand new book Nearshore Marketing we provide a roadmap that Latin American outsourcing providers can use to enter the U.S. market - on their own terms.

If you want a compact, complete guide to selling your services in the U.S. market, you've come to the right place.

We're launching the book very soon. To get on the waiting list and to quality to get the book for free, click below.


Do you want to grow your presence in the U.S. market?

...but the struggle to consistently and reliably generate American leads is frustrating and ineffective?

We've worked with nearshore providers, from Mexico to Argentina, since 2009 - including NEORIS and Softtek - two of the largest nearshore providers in the market. We've written the complete guide on how to leverage digital marketing to enter the U.S. market, and can help you implement the nearshore marketing approach to implement a predictable, repeatable marketing system and avoid the monthly feast or famine of inconsistent results.

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